Purpose of business plan executive summary

The business organization and management will show what business structure your organization is going to adopt. Refine and tighten your concept. The purpose any proposal, and by extension executive summary, is to sell.

This is a basic element for success. Future Goals Describe the long-term and short-term goals for your business. Our potential exists due to the reliable and professional, business and management niche consumer that we are targeting—a market opportunity presently under-served. You can also include demographics such as the number of employees, business locations, etc.

Clarifying can consist of a simple description of your business and its products or services, or it can specify the exact product lines and services you'll offer, as well as a detailed description of your ideal customer. Kelly House Inn would draw on the strengths and capitalize on the excellent reputation of The Coffee Grinder, yet have its own personality, featuring unique selections of hot and grilled foods.

Simply flesh out the highlights with more detail. Census data, county business patterns, and other directories were consulted to develop the market potential and competitive situation. Also, see Business Plan Outline with Examples. For a startup business, it means you need to add your goals or targets for example, sales targets for the next two years or so.

And while excellence is hard to define, oftentimes others will define it for you.

Executive Summary

What ranks high in terms of importance. Phase II — Continue implementation of sales, advertising, and marketing strategies developed in Phase I. Support staff will be added as client workload factors mandate.

Car leasing is a way to save money and taxes. Tourists, seasonal and yearround residents. Any assumed or exaggerated figure can lead to utter disappointments.

Nothing ruins the hard work on a proposal more than sloppy attention to detail. Work hard to set the stage for the rest of the plan.

Another common use case for the executive summary is to include it as a preface to a report document. In certain instances, particularly with an early stage company, this business plan also serves as a strategic plan.

What to Avoid The executive summary should be written in an interesting way, and not as an outline, a list of elements or as a table of contents to the business plan. For example, in existing businesses, list down annual sales or number of employees. The economic outlook indicates fewer VA, WV, NC, and MD cycling enthusiasts will travel outside the region The park has added a camping and lodging facilities that should attract an increased number of visitors The park has opened up additional areas for trail exploration and construction, ensuring a greater number of single-track options and therefore a greater number of visitors The market potential inherent in those visitors is substantial.

This article is part of a series on how to write a great business plan. The Executive Summary is a brief outline of the company's purpose and goals.

While it can be tough to fit on one or two.

Executive summary

So the executive summary, or statement of purpose, should succinctly encapsulate your reason for writing the business plan. It needs to tell the reader what you want and why, right up front. If the purpose of your business plan is to entice investors, for instance, your executive summary should focus on the opportunity your business provides investors and why the opportunity is special.

An executive summary of a business plan is an overview. Its purpose is to summarize the key points of a document for its readers, saving them time and preparing them for the upcoming content. Start your own business plan» Day Care Business Plan.

Executive Summary. Safe Kids Child Care is a start-up organization that provides day care services to Lynn, MA, a suburb of Boston.

This mid-sized child care facility serves children from three months to six years of age.

Executive Summary

Their services are safe and secure, providing the parents with /5(). Sample Business plan. More than just a Business plan template, our step-by-step interview and guidance makes it easy to create your document.

Easily create online, download, print and sign your free Business plan in minutes.

Purpose of business plan executive summary
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How to Write an Executive Summary: The Definitive Guide [Updated]