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All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. There were no chases, no tough questioning at checkpoints and no nail-biting near misses. In reality, after several nights, the group was split between the Taylor house and the home of another Canadian official, John Sheardown and his wife Zena Sheardown.

What they felt, I felt with them. He created these when there was an attempt to produce Lord of Light a few years before the Iranian hostage situation. This is a watchable, enjoyable film, with some hilarious and nail-biting moments, but it sets its face disconcertingly against satire and mischief with a final lurch into schmaltzy, liberal-patriot piety.

Neither the British nor the New Zealand embassies had turned the refugees away. However, Siegel and Chambers have been delayed from returning to their office by some ongoing filming taking place at the adjacent stage.

This was to pretend to be looking for a location to make a movie about intergalactic aliens called ARGO. For more info see: Want to watch it. Realizing they'll need as much legitimacy as possible to make the effort believable, Chambers contacts the film producer Lester Siegel Alan Arkin.


There are a couple of brief jumps to his allies, but Iranian characters are almost absent from the film. I have since simmered down, but am still very distressed that the film-makers should have got it so wrong. In reality the script was titled Lord of Light, based on the book of the same name by Roger Zelazny.

Film Overall, I found the movie very informational and taught me a lot without being a tedious lesson.

Argo – review

Carter delayed authorization by only 30 minutes, and that was before Mendez had left Europe for Iran. O'Donnell is forced to scramble to get word of Mendez's decision to the secretaries of state and defense, and ultimately to President Carter, who is the only person who can re-authorize the purchase of tickets for Mendez and the six on a Swissair flight out of Tehran.

The fugitives are scared and sceptical of their ability to keep up their cover under interrogation, but Mendez persuades them there is no other option, as the Iranians are closing in. But I realize this is a movie and you have to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Back in the U. The hostages never knew whether they were going to be tortured, murdered or set free. In the end however, his character seemed to evolve and through it mature.

The plan is that these terrified prisoners will then wander brazenly around with him and some Iranian culture ministry officials, posing as producers and cinematographers, pretending to size up the scenery through letterboxed fingers etc, and then they all go home together on a Swissair flight.

Argo - Movie Synopsis & Plot

They limit their efforts to the use of tear gas, but once the chains on the outside gates are removed, the militants storm the embassy and take 66 of the 72 diplomats and embassy staff hostage. When some of the protesters manage to scale the boundary fence, orders are given to start destroying all embassy records, some by shredding and some by burning.

We and the Americans had a very lucky escape. Since it did play such a great part in the event, it is only fair for it to be the title of the film.

They were all very capable as they showed emotion and sensitivity at all times. Major spoilers are blacked out like this:.

The title of the film, as well as of the film mentioned in the movie is ARGO. When Mendez, the CIA agent went into Iran to rescue the hostages, he did so with a plan in mind. This was to pretend to be looking for a location to make a movie about intergalactic aliens called ARGO.

Overall, I found the movie very informational and taught me a lot without being a tedious lesson. Historically speaking, I think Argo was very accurate. About ninety eight percent of the information was on point.

Argo Movie Review

They recreated the events to make everything as closely as possible to the real events. All the little details from [ ]. Movie Overview Movie Synopsis Movie Review Movie Trailers Movie Photos Comments Argo - Movie Synopsis & Plot Based on true events, "Argo" chronicles the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans, which unfolded behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis -- the truth of which was unknown by the public for decades.

Oct 11,  · “Argo", Ben Affleck’s third directorial outing, is an entertaining, real-life, race-the-clock thriller.

Argo – Movie Review

Argo: Plot Summary Argo opens with a brief summary of the history of Iran, including the US-engineered coup that brought the Shah to power, the abuses that he perpetrated, and how that led to hatred of the Shah’s main sponsor, the USA, and an Islamic revolution.

Argo Movie review 31 March Argo is a movie about the US’s problems with Iran in the ’s. I was pleasantly surprised to find it very enjoyable. I don’t tend to enjoy history movies or documentaries, but the plot really captured my attention.

I like that the filmmaker gave some background information regarding the conflict because.

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